“We want to show the Indian government the solidarity of not just Indian people, but Americans as a whole.”

In Riverside, CA, a group of women sit atop their parked car with signs during the caravan rally.

Windows down. Signs up.

This weekend, thousands across the country came together in car and truck rallies in support of India’s farmers who have been protesting against new agricultural legislation that favors large, private corporations.

The rallies, which were organized by various Gurdwaras and Sikh organizations, were COVID-19 friendly. And each hosted hundreds to thousands of vehicles. Many participants have personal connections and family in Punjab whose voices they were hoping to amplify.

Mandeep Brar attended the rally in Riverside, California…

Mumbai, India. Horns are blaring and dirt roads cloud up the air. Priya, a college student, walks through a busy street, umbrella and tiffin in hand, to meet her father, a makeup artist, at his workplace for lunch. As she approaches his studio, she overhears her father’s client yell at him for his unsatisfactory makeup job. Upset, Priya decides to take matters into her own hands. That night, she declares she wants to be a celebrity so that her dad no longer has to tolerate difficult clients. “Make me a star,” she says with tears in her eyes while handing…

With less than a month until midterm elections, Californians are getting ready to cast their votes for their state, county and district representatives. While polls indicate that California will remain a blue state, one race between Democrats is catching attention nationwide.

Incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein is facing off against the state senate’s president pro tempore Kevin de Leon. Feinstein has held her senate seat for almost 26 years, and holds the record for getting the most popular votes, 7.3 million, in U.S. Senate election history in 2012.

But for the first time decades, Feinstein is looking at a credible threat…

I’m a journalist, and I’m still unwilling to pay for a newspaper subscription.

We live in the age of digital subscriptions. Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, NBA League Pass — so much of the content we consume is offered on a subscription model. Some of these platforms that we pay for monthly or yearly have become our main sources of entertainment or information. In fact, they have replaced traditional methods of media consumption such as cable television and CDs.

News media has been monetized with the subscription model for decades. Newspapers rely on audience subscriptions, in addition to advertisements, for much of…

As a young journalist, I like to think of myself as someone who is constantly in touch with media — from my friends’ posts on Instagram to news stories and Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook.

After monitoring my media usage for 24 hours, it’s clear my perceptions were wrong. In fact, I’m disappointed with the results of my observation as it seems I am consuming way less media than I hope to be. I believe this has to do with limited time, and how exciting a piece of media is for most people.

When I get to my first class, I…

The North Carolina Tar Heels faced the Gonzaga Bulldogs in Phoenix, Arizona tonight, winning the neck-in-neck competition 71–65 in an surprising turn of events.

The Zags stepped on the NCAA championship court for the first time ever, and it’s clear that they needed more than beginner’s luck to catch the tails of the Heels. With three giants over seven feet, and an impressive front court on their side, the Bulldogs seemed the favorable victor to most.

And they played well.

Unexpectedly though, the Heels played better when it mattered: when the game transitioned into an actual competition with five-minutes to…

In an exciting and unexpected turn of events Friday night, the Florida Gators landed themselves in the Elite Eight, defeating the Wisconsin Badgers, 84–83 in the last possible second of overtime.

Down by two, and without a timeout to spare, junior Chris Chiozza of the Gators threw up a shot at the three-point line in a final attempt to outscore Wisconsin. The shot attempt was a defensive slip-up by the Badgers, and fortunately for Chiozza, a successful one. …

If I had to sum up Coach Caryl Smith Gilbert in one word, it would be “passionate.”

Coach Gilbert, the head coach for the men’s and women’s track and field teams at USC, has led an interesting path to end up in the land of Trojans — a path built on discovering a passion and pursuing it.

It all started when she was a child. Gilbert summed up her early years when she said, “When I was small, I used to quit everything.” She tried it all — instruments, dancing; you name it. …

Magic. It’s in the name.

After the Lakers’ administration was purged after this last All Star break, Earvin Magic Johnson, former Laker and champion, has assumed the position of Lakers’ president. The trade deadline was coming up, but for the Lakers, a switch in board members — not players — was essential.

And for the first time in a few years, I think the Lakers have made some good choices.

Like everyone knows, the Lakers of late have assumed the role of the “Lackers.” …

“Sensory deprivation: you don’t have your eyes or your ears.”

One hundred and eleven miles — 52 hours, 54 minutes and 18 seconds of sensory deprivation.

On Aug. 31, 2013, Diana Nyad attempted her fifth swim to Key West, Florida from Havana, Cuba. Boxed jellyfish, whitefin sharks, the gulf stream current, four prior failed efforts — there wasn’t a whole lot in Nyad’s favor that morning.

“Going out for the fifth try at this, everybody said it can’t be done,” she said. “They were all doubters, but I never lost faith. …

Simrin Singh

LA-based journo

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